Why Real

Building a great company today...
so that our company can take care of your family tomorrow.
There is no better time to join Real. The real estate world is changing quickly, but our commitment to our agents is unwavering. We are focused on providing our agents the opportunity to build generational wealth, connect them with top thought leaders in our growing global network to facilitate learning, and to help them stand out as difference makers in their communities.
With so much to choose from, our
President, Sharran Srivatsaa, explains
his 11 most favorite things about Real.
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Make Money with Real

Attracting like-minded agents to the business–further perpetuating the culture we’re working to build.
This video breaks down the 9 ways agent can earn money at Real, developed by our Growth Leaders for you to use when educating prospective agents.

Revenue Share

A behind-the-scenes look at our business model, that helps you build a legacy.

(Effective 11/1, agents who have more 5 or more agents in their Tier 1 will qualify to open up Tier 2)

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Stock Awards

Use your commission to receive stock in the company, seamlessly. And get rewarded.
We believe our  agents are helping the company grow, and therefore, they should be rewarded with stock awards and become owners in the company.  We grow together!

Split Cap & Fees

Our agents keep more of what they earn. Great splits, low caps and fees.
With our industry-leading splits, our agents are being rewarded for what they are already doing—selling real estate. We believe you should benefit the most.

Teams & Independent Brokerages

Real Supercharges Brokerages & Teams.
Real has built the “go-to” performance platform for independent brokerages and teams of the future.
Keep your model.
Keep your brand.
Unbeatable flexibility.
Keep your model.
Keep your brand.
Keep growing your business with the brokerage that gives you unbeatable flexibility.


State-of-the-art tech to manage your deals, be more efficient, and stay connected.
With agents in mind, we optimized our platform for both desktop and mobile, offering flexibility for different work environments. Work how and where you want in a way that enables you to best manage the moving parts of your business.

Quick Start

Seamlessly transition your business, starting on Day One.
Access business cards, yard signs, and our State & Province compliance guidelines. Check out the quick start resources below and add them to your marketing toolkit.